Sockie Bijoux is currently open to the investor market

The investment opportunity of a lifetime: Sockie Bijoux

Sockie Bijoux is a cutting-edge fashion product and an investors dream. The fashion market has not seen a truly original product like Sockie Bijoux for a long time and now you have the chance to help unlock the huge potential and of course, reap the rewards.

The Sockie Bijoux story is one of magic and excitement – one woman’s vision and drive to transform a chance idea into an industry-changing product. The concept has been born, the designs have been produced, and samples are being created. A select few connections in the fashion industry have been personally contacted and there is a growing interest in getting Sockie Bijoux to market with the best marketing strategy and in the quickest way possible.

The legal work has been taken care of including patents and trademarks, and we would be happy to discuss these along with more confidential matters personally with you. This is a real and highly professional investment opportunity. 

Sockie Bijoux is patent, design and trademark registered.

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